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Gasket Supplier and Manufacturer in Ireland

Teschem Engineering Ltd have been at the forefront of the seals and gaskets industry for 32 years. One of the main contributing factors to Teschem’s continued success is our strict focus on quality. Not only do we value the importance of following industry-accepted standards, but we also focus on only top-end technology in our products. We only source from, and work with, the top gasket manufacturers.

A quick look at our inventory demonstrates this. Precision-engineered gaskets and seals populate our catalogue from the best manufacturers in the business. All gaskets and seals are specially designed for a variety of high-intensity applications.

Another contributing factor to Teschem’s success in the seals and gaskets industry is our focus on customer service. Not only do we believe in using the best of materials, we also believe in providing the best of service. The team at Teschem is standing by to give expert technical support to all our clients, whenever required.

About Teschem Engineering LTD.

Teschem Engineering Ltd is a manufacturer of high performance seals and gaskets, noise control and filtration products. Founded in 1984, the company was built around three major principals: Quality, Safety and Service. At Teschem, we are committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality products to meet our client’s specifications. Teschem’s products meet all international quality and safety standards for the sectors in which we operate, such as; Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Pharm-Bio, Food & Beverage, Energy Generation, Oil & Gas, Transport, Refrigeration and OEM’s.

Teschem Engineering has long established partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers, namely; Flexitallic®, Victor Reinz®, Garlock®, W.L.Gore. These partnerships enable Teschem to provide our customers with Technology, Innovation and Technical support for the high Quality Products & Services we provide.

Teschem is client focused and has an appreciation of the value of long term business relationships. We have developed trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients over many years.

Teschem Engineering Ltd remains an Irish and privately owned company.

For more information feel free to contact us on +353 21 4969078