Gaskets And Seals

Teschem’s gasket and seal inventory offers a wide variety of choice. We feature the best selections from the world’s most renowned manufacturers, including: Flexitallic, Garlock, Gore, and Victor Reinz.

Flexitallic products are known for their excellent high-pressure, high-temperature applications. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of industries such as; global oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, power and OEM sectors, where equipment is regularly put under intense amounts of pressure. Flexitallic’s product range consists of a wide range of gaskets such as; Ring Type Joints, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Metallic and semi-metallic gaskets, Kammprofile gaskets, Change gaskets, and Tube Heat Exchanger gaskets. They also have a range of sheet materials such as; Graphite, Sigma PTFE, Novus Compressed Fibre Jointing, and Thermiculite.

Garlock is a company with an extensive product range. Their GYLON PTFE gasketing, which is produced using a proprietary manufacturing process, gives the gaskets unique physical properties. Garlock also has pump diagrams, expansion joints, butterfly valves, and insulating kits in its inventory. They also supply Compression Packing, Pump Diaphragms, Butterfly Valves and more. Their product range also includes Klozure Oil Seals, Mechanical Selas, and Bearing Isolators.

Gore is a company where technology is paramount. Since discovering the material expanded PTFE, a versatile polymer, Gore has gone on to be a world leader in gaskets and sealants. Their GR Sheet Gasketing, which is ideal for use around numerous strong chemicals. GR Sheet Gasketing can be used for any steel flanges that need to be sealed, eliminating the worry of leaks, high temperatures or blowouts. It is a superior choice when compared to conventional PTFE sheet gasketing. Also available from Gore is their series of Gasket Sealant Tapes. This innovative product provides improved creep resistance to allow for maximum operational reliability with large steel flanged applications.

Victor Reinz is best known for its AFM collection. AFM is a synthetic fibre-based soft material combined with high-grade elastomers. It provides an excellent base for seals to keep out gases and liquids. The Victor Reinz AFM range are used in many fields of industry thanks to their universally effective properties. Victor Reinz is also known for its Xtreme Plus product line. The company considers the Xtreme Plus to be the best-suited of all its gasket materials for extremely high-temperature applications. The product is made of heat-resistant mica on stainless steel, and can withstand temperatures as high as 950oC. This makes it perfect for sealing the exhaust systems of combustion engines, as well as other areas which experience extreme heat.

Lastly is Teschem’s very own line of gaskets and seals. They feature PTFE, graphite, high-temperature rubber, thermiculite, and non-asbestos products. The products are intended for use in different high-intensity applications, across a variety of industries. The expert team at Teschem can advise you on which products best suit your application.