Noise & Filtration Materials

Teschem’s noise and filtration products allow for quieter, cleaner processes in a variety of industries and applications.

Noise Reduction

It’s a known fact that too much noise is considered pollution. People who work on, or in the vicinity of massive machinery are at a high risk of hearing damage. Isolating noise sources is done when one dominant noise producer (i.e., a machine or process) is identified as the main source of the problem. Sound dampening materials can help to isolate loud equipment where the noise levels affect a large number of personnel.

Filtration Products

The smallest contaminants can pose major problems to a process during manufacturing. To avoid this, Teschem offers industry-standard products such as filter foams. When used correctly, these filters help keep processes contaminant-free, as well as safeguarding the health of workers.

Teschem’s products are made to deal with these issues. The company’s focus on quality ensures that industrial processes are as clean and noise-pollution free as possible. In addition, all products are high performance, easily installed, and offer superior durability than others on the market. Teschem’s expert team assures its customers the best of materials, and the best of service.


Teschem offer a comprehensive range of acoustic foams, anti-vibration and damping materials.

Our custom-made products are designed and manufactured to suit your specifications.
Our range of acoustic foams cover the following applications; Rail, Marine, Acoustic Enclosure, Automotive, Off Road, Audio, Bus & Truck, and Aerospace.

Filtration Foam

Quality Control: Teschem’s wide range of filter foams have been produced under the highest quality control standards. Maintaining exact control of the cellular structure during production ensures consistent filtration levels are preserved during the product’s life cycle.

Reticulation: The open and breathable structure of Teschem’s filtration foams is what makes reticulated foam such a flexible product for filtration. This open and breathable structure is a result of a process known as ‘reticulation.’

Materials: Teschem’s filtration foams are polyurethane based, with either a polyester or polyether polyo.

Other uses: Filtration foams can be further augmented through impregnation, or used as carrier materials for more complicated filtration applications.

PPI: Filtration foams are measured by their PPI count. The range extends from an open 8ppi to a fine 110ppi. Special formulations can be produced for specific applications.

Oil & Mist Filters
Air Filters
Water Filters
Separation Filters
Cooking Filters
Tobacco Filters
Odour Filters
Gas Filters
Coalescing Filters
Self Supporting Filters
Respiratory Filters
High performance car and motorcycle filters

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Acoustic Foam

Noise Reduction: Teschem offers an extensive range of acoustic insulation foam products designed to absorb and reduce sound transfer.

Applications: Machinery Insulation, Building Insulation, and Vehicle Insulation.

Materials: Teschem’s acoustic foams consist of a range of Polyurethane and Melamine open cell foam. Teschem also supplies the Whisper Polyethylene range of acoustic materials.

Polyurethane : Open cell Polyurethane foams come in a variety of densities. However, not all polyurethane foam is the same. As a result our Acoustic foams are engineered and selected for their homogeneous and consistent cell structure. We also ensuring that they achieve high levels of fire performance. These foams are used in industrial and automotive applications, where specific features such as low smoke and low out gassing are chemically engineered into the products.

Special features: Polyurethane foam can be impregnated to achieve Class 0 Fire performance. This allows Polyurethane to be used in additional applications. For example, Class 0 Fire performance allows Polyurethane to be used in construction applications and in Generator Cabinets and Air Conditioning Units, where the highest levels of fire safety are demanded.

BASF’s Melamine foam : BASF’s Melamine foam is extremely light weight.

Basotect is used to create acoustic baffles.

Applications: Being Class O means it is ideal for construction applications, such as ceiling panels.

Basotect G and Basotect V3012 are the most widely used products, however the Basotect family also has the thermo formable Basotect TG and Basotect UL (improved elasticity).

Whisper: Whisper produces a high performance water resistant acoustic material. Whisper is a closed cell polyethylene foam. Its cells are subsequently opened through the manufacturing process. This results in a highly effective sound absorption material.

Applications: Whisper is best suited for applications where regular contact with water is may occur.

In addition to the base materials, a range of facing and laminates can be used to not only improve the aesthetic appearance, but also to further enhance their acoustic performance.

Lamination comes in the following: Foils, films, spray coatings, fabric, and vinyl.

High performance adhesives available for easy installation.

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Gasketing Foam

Teschem has an extensive range of flexible sealing and gasketing materials covering a wide variety of applications.

Materials: EPDM, Silicone Sponge, Nitrile PVC, Neoprene, Polyethylene and polyurethane foams.

The materials have been chosen for their cell structure and technical performance, this ensures a reliable seal.

Applications: Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Building/Construction, Consumer, Defence, Engineering, White goods, and Glazing.

Our specialised equipment can produce parts in a variety of formats, such as Kiss-cut parts ( in roll form). Foam and Rubber Gasket materials are also available in roll-form in a variety of widths, or die-cut to your exact specifications

Teschem’s range of Thermal Materials is an ideal solution for HVAC units where space constraints require the highest level of performance. With a range of hi-fire performance foam and non-drip materials, you can be assured that the performance of your equipment will be enhanced.

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Thermal Foam

Teschem’s wide range of Thermal foams are an ideal solution for HVAC units. With high fire performance, non-drip and low smoke emissions in accordance with the European Fire Test standards, our range of Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Nitrile PVC and Thinsulate flexible insulation materials is extensive and reliable.

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Basotect® is a flexible, open-cell foam made from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer. Basotect®’s characteristic feature is its three-dimensional network structure consisting of slender and thus easily flexed filaments. For example, Basotect® is used as a sound absorber or for thermal insulation in buildings, cars and trains.

Benefits: The unique property profile of Basotect® resulting from the basic melamine resin:

  • Flame resistance (without the addition of flame retardants)
  • Application temperature up to 240 °C
  • Constant physical properties over a wide temperature range
  • Abrasiveness

… resulting from the open-cell foam structure:

  • High sound absorption capacity
  • Low weight
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Flexibility at very low temperature

The thermoset foam is available in several grades optimized for different applications.

Basotect® in construction and industrial applications

Its high sound absorption capacity and safe fire characteristics make Basotect® G, G+ and UF ideal for use as sound absorption in buildings. Decoratively designed acoustic panels, suspended baffles and metal ceiling panels backed with Basotect® significantly and measurably improve the acoustics. In industrial applications such as solar collectors or heating systems, Basotect® can serve as thermal insulation due to its heat resistance while maintaining good thermal insulation properties.

Basotect® in transportation

Basotect ® can ideally fulfil the rising demand for soundproofing in the field of transportation. Thanks to its good sound absorption, very low weight and high heat resistance Basotect® offers a wide variety of applications ranging from automotive construction to aerospace.

Basotect® in consumer applications

The abrasive properties of Basotect® W make it ideal for use in cleaning applications. Its good cleaning action − without any additional cleaning agent − and fine structure are clear advantages for the consumer. The foam is certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 in product class I.

Basotect® G

The most commonly used of the Basotect® grades, used in industrial and construction applications.

Basotect® V3012

The original white product is used in many different applications. Its slightly abrasive properties means Basotect® V3012 can be used as a household cleaner without the need for additional cleaning agents.

Basotect® G+

Is lighter in colour than Basotect® G. It meets the current human ecology requirements of the Oko-Tex® standard 100 in product class II for textiles and direct skin contact.

Basotect® TG

Making the Basotect® range Thermo formable, it’s widely used in automotive applications.

Basotect® UF

With its slightly stronger feel and with increased flexibility it can make installation of parts into difficult areas easier.

Basotect® UL

UL stand for Ultra-Light. It’s even lighter than the rest of the family. It’s widely used in the aviation sector were weight reduction is a priority.

Basotect® W

The advanced version of the Basotect® V3012, offering even more effective cleaning and with a whiter finish.

Why Basotect?

The Basotect® family of products are low in weight, while still providing high levels of flame resistance, all without the addition of flame retardants. With its long-term resistance to high temperatures and excellent fire characteristics, due to use of melamine resin, Basotect® adheres to the most important international fire safety standards. The extremely flame-resistant property of the foam is a result of the high nitrogen content of the resin. As a result there is no need to use fire retardants.

Basotect is a thermoset. This means that the material does not melt or produce burning droplets when it comes into contact with flames. The foam simply chars and produces a small amount of smoke in the event of a fire. There is no afterglow, making Basotect® ideal for applications with high fire safety requirements.

Basotect® has excellent thermal insulation properties. It has application temperature up to 240°C and down to -120°C. Its constant physical properties are maintained over the wide temperature range, remaining flexible at low-temperatures.

Basotect® offers high sound absorption properties. Its open-cell surface ensures that sound waves are not reflected as an echo. The cell structure allows the sound energy to be reduced, giving Basotect® an excellent sound absorption capacity. By adding layers of heavier materials, improved sound can be achieved at low frequencies.

A further benefit of Basotects® highly cross-linked structure is it’s resistant to all organic solvents. Basotect® is produced without using halogenated hydrocarbons, flame retardants or toxic heavy metals. Basotect does not contaminate water and the supplied product is free of blowing agents.

At Teschem, we specialise in manufacturing components from flexible materials to meet our customer’s specifications, whatever they might be. Basotect® can be cut into almost any shape. It can also be incorporated in to a composite, through lamination.

Upon request Highbred/Crossover laminates can be configured to further enhance the specific properties of each material.

Teschem’s also has a range of adhesives specifically designed for Basotect® products, making installation easier, and maximising the performance of each product.

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Fireseal™ is a highly modified, flexible, open celled polyurethane acoustic foam offering excellent sound absorption capabilities.

Benefits: A higher level of fire performance. This is achieved through a process of impregnation. Fireseal™ meets the test criteria of some of the highest fire resistant testing standards and is now classified to European standard EN 13501 B-s1,d0 along with BS476 pt6 & pt7 Class 0 & UL94 V-O. Fireseal™ is a chemically inert product.

Applications: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), marine acoustics, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the building & construction industry.

Typical applications: internal lining of ventilation ductwork and equipment, sound absorption, acoustic enclosures, generator and compressor enclosures, sound absorbing panels, electrical equipment and acoustic room & floor treatments.

Manufacturing with FT70/O Class O Foam

Fireseal™ (FT70/O) can be cut to any shape. Its only limitation, which is a result of the impregnation process, it has limited thickness of 100mm. Through lamination further thickness can be achieved. This product can also be used as part of a composite with other materials.

This material is supplied in sheets, rolls or cut to specific shapes.

Teschem’s also has a range of adhesives specifically designed for Fireseal™ products, making installation easier, and maximising the performance of each product.